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Clemente's Anatomy Dissector 3rd Edition PDF


Clemente’s Anatomy Dissector, Third Edition, is a comprehensive manual of anatomical dissection, organized into 38 chapters covering small, discrete areas of the human body. Each chapter is designed to stand alone, so that instructors can easily adapt the material to their preferred dissection sequence. In this blog post, you will be able to download free PDF e-book copy of Clemente’s Anatomy Dissector 3rd Edition PDF.

The book provides more in-depth and detailed explanations for each dissection than any other lab manual, enabling students to self-teach. It correlates surface anatomy to anatomical structures revealed in the dissections, which is important for clinical correlation. Every page is cross-referenced to the newest editions of Clemente’s, Grant’s, Netter’s and Rohen’s anatomy atlases.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents presented in Clemente’s Anatomy Dissector 3rd Edition PDF:

  1. Introductory Session and Surface Anatomy of the Thorax, Shoulder, and Upper Limb
  2. Mammary Gland and Pectoral Region
  3. Deep Pectoral Region and Axilla
  4. Scapular and Deltoid Regions; Posterior Compartment of the Arm
  5. Anterior Brachial Region; Cubital Fossa; Anterior Forearm and Wrist
  6. Palmar Aspect of the Hand
  7. Posterior Compartment of Forearm and Dorsum of the Hand
  8. Joints of the Upper Extremity
  9. Thorax I: Anterior Thoracic Wall
  10. Thorax II: Pleura and Lungs; Anterior Mediastinum; Middle Mediastinum and Pericardium; Removal of the Heart
  11. Thorax III: The Heart: Blood Circulation; Heart Surface Anatomy; Blood Supply, Chambers, and Conducting System of the Heart
  12. Thorax IV: Posterior Mediastinum; Sympathetic Trunks; Diaphragm from Above; Superior Mediastinum
  13. Anterior Abdominal Wall
  14. Abdominal Cavity I: Topography of the Abdominal Viscera and Reflections of the Peritoneum
  15. Abdominal Cavity II: Rotation of the Gut; Dissection of Stomach; Liver; Duodenum and Pancreas; Spleen
  16. Abdominal Cavity III: Intestinal Tract from Duodenojejunal Junction to Rectum
  17. Abdominal Cavity IV: Posterior Abdominal Wall
  18. The Pelvis: Male and Female
  19. The Perineum: Male and Female
  20. The Gluteal Region, Posterior Thigh, and Popliteal Fossa
  21. Anterior and Medial Compartments of the Thigh
  22. Anterior and Lateral Compartments of the Leg and Dorsum of the Foot
  23. The Posterior Leg and Sole of the Foot
  24. Joints of the Lower Limb
  25. Superficial and Deep Back; Spinal Cord
  26. Back of the Neck and the Suboccipital Region
  27. The Superficial Face and Anterior Scalp
  28. Temporal and Infratemporal Regions (Deep Face)
  29. Posterior Triangle of the Neck
  30. Anterior Triangle of the Neck
  31. Scalp; Floor of the Cranial Cavity; Base of the Brain
  32. The Orbit: Superior and Anterior Dissections
  33. Craniovertebral Joints and Prevertebral Region
  34. The Pharynx: External and Internal Dissections
  35. The Nasal Cavity and Paranasal Sinuses in the Bisected Head
  36. Nasopharynx; Oropharynx (Inner Wall); Palate; Mouth and Tongue
  37. The Larynx and Laryngopharynx
  38. The External and Middle Ear and the Semicircular Canals of the Inner Ear

Product Details

Below are the technical specifications of Clemente’s Anatomy Dissector 3rd Edition PDF.

  • Edition 3rd Edition
  • ISBN 9781608313846
  • Format PDF
  • Page Count 442 Pages
  • Author Carmine D Clemente, Carmine D Clemente PhD, Carmine D Clemente

Clemente’s Anatomy Dissector 3rd Edition PDF Free Download

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