Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery 2nd Edition PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery PDF

This book of over 140 cases is designed for candidates preparing for all surgical examinations, whether at undergraduate, postgraduate or exit examination level. It will demystify and simplify the clinical assessment of surgical cases and provides invaluable advice on how to achieve success. The text includes top tips, acronyms and up-to-date summaries of current practice based on the authors’ personal experience of surgical examinations. In this blog post, you will be able to download free PDF e-book copy of Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery PDF.

Features of Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery PDF

Here are important features of this book:

  • Cases are graded in terms of likely appearance in the examinations.
  • Top tips emphasize specific subjects which cause confusion.
  • The text provides advice on the most appropriate time to finish an examination.
  • Examples of the common procedures and props that come up in the skill-based examination format are included.
  • This fully revised Second Edition is now in colour and includes photographs of key manoeuvres performed during specific surgical examination routines
  • Includes a new section on communication skills
  • A new co-author in academic surgery joins the project.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents presented in Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery PDF:


1 Lumps and ulcers – history
2 Lumps and ulcers – examination
3 Lipoma
4 Sebaceous cyst
5 Ganglion
6 Neck examination – general
7 Cervical lymphadenopathy
8 Thyroid examination
9 Solitary thyroid nodule
10 Multinodular goitre
11 Diffuse thyroid enlargement
12 Thyroid history
13 Hypertrophic and keloid scars
14 Squamous cell carcinoma
15 Malignant melanoma
16 Basal cell carcinoma
17 Pressure sores
18 Grafts and flaps
19 Ptosis 36
20 Facial nerve palsy
21 Salivary gland swellings
22 Keratoacanthoma
23 Neurofibroma
24 Papilloma
25 Pyogenic granuloma
26 Seborrhoeic keratosis
27 Solar keratosis
28 Digital clubbing
29 Branchial cyst
30 Dermoid cyst
31 Thyroglossal cyst
32 Radiotherapy marks
33 Dermatofibroma
34 Hidradenitis suppurativa
35 Kaposi’s sarcoma
36 Pharyngeal pouch
37 Cystic hygroma
38 Chemodectoma
39 Furuncles
40 Pyoderma gangrenosum
41 Vascular malformations


42 Inguinal hernia
43 Abdominal examination – general approach
44 Surgical jaundice
45 Stoma
46 Hepatomegaly
47 Incisional hernia
48 Umbilical/paraumbilical hernia
49 Splenomegaly
50 Inflammatory bowel disease
51 Examination of the scrotum – general approach
52 Hydrocoele
53 Epididymal cyst
54 Varicocele
55 Right iliac fossa mass
56 Transplanted kidney
57 Ascites
58 Epigastric mass
59 Pleural effusion
60 Dysphagia
61 Enlarged kidney
62 Common surgical scars
63 Breast examination – general approach
64 Breast lump
65 Post-mastectomy breast
66 Breast reconstruction
67 Gynaecomastia
68 Chest – post-lobectomy/pneumonectomy
69 Median sternotomy
70 Testicular tumour
71 Enterocutaneous fistula
72 Mouth signs in abdominal disease
73 Epigastric hernia
74 Femoral hernia


75 Orthopaedic history taking – general approach
76 Osteoarthritis of the hip
77 Osteoarthritis of the knee
78 Dupuytren’s contracture
79 Carpal tunnel syndrome
80 Rheumatoid hands
81 Osteoarthritis in the hands
82 Ulnar nerve lesions
83 Hallux valgus
84 Hammer toes
85 Mallet toes
86 Claw toes
87 Mallet finger
88 Trigger finger
89 Ingrowing toenail
90 Ligamentous and cartilaginous knee lesions
91 Radial nerve lesions
92 Examination of the shoulder
93 Gait
94 Osteochondroma
95 Popliteal fossa swellings
96 Hallux rigidus
97 Casts
98 Simulated reduction of fractures
99 Lumbar disc herniation
100 Brachial plexus lesions
101 Ivory osteoma
102 Chondroma
103 Charcot’s joints
104 Winging of the scapula
105 External fixators
106 Intramedullary nails
107 Paget’s disease of bone
108 Achondroplasia


109 Varicose veins
110 Venous ulcer
111 Peripheral arterial system – examination
112 Vascular effects of the diabetic foot
113 Amputations
114 Peripheral arterial system – history
115 Abdominal aortic aneurysm
116 Carotid artery disease
117 Popliteal aneurysm
118 Ischaemic ulcer
119 Post-phlebitic limb
120 Gangrene
121 Raynaud’s phenomenon
122 Neuropathic ulcer
123 Lymphoedema
124 Hyperhidrosis
125 False aneurysm
126 Thoracic outlet obstruction
127 Thromboangiitis obliterans
128 Superior vena cava obstruction
129 Carotid artery aneursym and dilated common carotid artery
130 Lymphangioma
131 Arteriovenous fistulae
132 Coarctation of the aorta
133 Atrial fibrillation


134 Introduction to communication skills
135 Information gathering – back pain
136 Information gathering – trauma call
137 Information gathering – vascular referral
138 Information giving – obtaining informed consent
139 Information giving – breast carcinoma
140 Information giving – testicular tumour
141 Information giving – loss of function
142 Information giving – the angry patient

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Product Details

Below are the technical specifications of Clinical Cases and OSCEs in Surgery PDF.

  • Edition 2nd Edition
  • ISBN 0702029947
  • Format PDF
  • Page Count 272 Pages
  • Author Manoj Ramachandran, Marc A Gladman

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