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Checkout the complete overview of the book Exercise and Sports Pulmonology PDF:

This book provides an innovative and comprehensive overview of the relationship between lung and exercise, both in healthy, active subjects and in subjects with chronic respiratory diseases. It investigates in detail the central role of the lungs during exercise and illustrates the impact of respiratory impairment due to both acute and chronic lung diseases on performance. Further, the book presents the latest evidence-based findings, which confirm that exercise is an effective and safe form of prevention and rehabilitation in respiratory diseases.

Features of Exercise and Sports Pulmonology PDF

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Table of Contents

Here’s is the full table of contents offered inside Exercise and Sports Pulmonology PDF:

Part I Exercise Lung Physiology
1 Pulmonary Physiology and Response to Exercise

Part II Respiratory Assessment and Physical Activity

2 Medical History, Questionnaires and Physical Examination
3 Tests of Lung Function: Physiological Principles and Interpretation

Part III Respiratory Diseases and Exercise

4 Asthma
5 Exercise in Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease
6 Exercise Testing in Cystic Fibrosis
7 Exercise in Interstitial Lung Diseases
8 Exercise in Pulmonary Vascular Diseases
9 Respiratory Infections

Part IV Respiratory Training and Rehabilitation

10 Respiratory Muscle Training
11 Pulmonary Rehabilitation

Part V Special Considerations

12 Lung and Exercise in Extreme Environments
13 Pharmacological Management in Elite Athletes
14 Environmental Conditions, Air Pollutants, and Airways

Exercise and Sports Pulmonology PDF Free Download

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Exercise and Sports Pulmonology PDF


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