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Like the Flowing River is an intimate collection of Paulo Coelho’s reflections and short stories, written from 1998 to 2005. these are powerful tales of living and dying, of destiny and choice, of love lost and found. Sometimes humourous, sometimes serious, but always profound, this book, like all of Coelho’s work, explores what it means to be truly alive.

Paulo Coelho (Author)

Like The Flowing River PDF

What originally inspired you to write The Alchemist? Coelho: My dream was to be a writer. I wrote my first book in 1987, The Pilgrimage, after completing my own personal pilgrimage from France to Santiago de Compostela, Spain. After that I thought, “Why did it take me so long to fulfill my dream?” So I decided to write a metaphor, and this metaphor is The Alchemist: a novel about someone who needs to fulfill his or her dream, but takes too long because he or she thinks it’s impossible.

The Alchemist has sold over 150 million copies worldwide, won 115 international prizes and awards, has been translated into 80 languages, and is still on the New York Times bestseller list today, 25 years after its initial publication. What impact has this success had on your life? Coelho: Of course The Alchemist opened a lot of doors for me. At the moment I’m answering this question, the novel is still on The New York Times bestseller list. But success did not happen overnight, so I had time to get used to it. The book was not something that exploded all of a sudden. I believe success can be a blessing, and it can also be a curse. I was older when the recognition came, so I had another level of maturity to face that change. When it happened, I remember thinking, “My God, this is a blessing. ‘ So above all, I had to respect it. And the way to respect it is to really understand that a blessing has no explanation, but needs to be treasured and honored. Do you closely relate to any of the characters in The Alchemist? If so, how? Coelho: In The Alchemist, I relate myself to the Englishman – someone who is trying to understand life through books. It’s quite interesting how many times we use books to understand life. I think that a book is a catalyst: it provokes a reaction.

I am a compulsive reader. I read a lot, but from time to time, there are books that changed my life. Well, it’s not that the book itself changed my life; it’s that I was already ready to change, and needed to not feel alone. The same thing happens with the Englishman in The Alchemist. What have you discovered about your own personal destiny in the past 25 years since writing The Alchemist? Coelho: What I learned after writing The Alchemist, after the worldwide success, is basically that I had a dream, a Personal Legend to fulfill. To be a writer is to write. To write means new books. New books mean new challenges. Of course, I could have stopped with The Alchemist a long time ago if I was only in it for money, but I really love what I do. I can’t see myself not writing. It’s not always an easy task, sometimes it’s very challenging, but this is what I do and this is what I like. So the journey itself is the miracle; it is the blessing.

There is no point to reach. You have to travel your journey with joy, hope, and challenges in your heart. Is there anything you would like to say to your readers and fans? Coelho: To my readers and my fans, basically my companions, I would say that spirituality is being brave, is taking risks, is daring to do something when people are always telling you not to. My parents, for example, did not want me to be a writer, and that’s why it took so long for me to fulfill my dream. But here I am, thanks to that moment after my pilgrimage from France to Spain, when I said to myself, ‘I can’t live with a dream that I did not even try to fulfill. ‘ Do the same thing.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Like The Flowing River PDF:

  1. A Day at the Mill
  2. Prepared for Battle, But With a Few Doubts
  3. The Way of the Bow
  4. The Story of the Pencil
  5. How to Climb Mountains
  6. The Importance of a Degree
  7. In a Bar in Tokyo
  8. The Importance of Looking
  9. Genghis Khan and His Falcon
  10. Looking at Other People’s Gardens
  11. Pandora’s Box
  12. How One Thing Can Contain Everything
  13. The Music Coming from the Chapel
  14. The Devil’s Pool
  15. The Solitary Piece of Coal
  16. The Dead Man Wore Pyjamas
  17. Manuel Is an Important and Necessary Man
  18. Manuel Is a Free Man
  19. Manuel Goes to Paradise
  20. In Melbourne
  21. The Pianist in the Shopping Mall
  22. On My Way to the Chicago Book Fair
  23. Of Poles and Rules
  24. The Piece of Bread That Fell Wrong Side Up
  25. Of Books and Libraries
  26. Prague, 1981
  27. For the Woman Who Is All Women
  28. A Visitor Arrives from Morocco
  29. My Funeral
  30. Restoring the Web
  31. These Are My Friends
  32. How Do We Survive?
  33. Marked Out to Die
  34. The Moment of Dawn
  35. A January Day in 2005
  36. A Man L ying on the Ground
  37. The Missing Brick
  38. Raj Tells Me a Story
  39. The Other Side of the Tower of Babel
  40. Before a Lecture
  41. On Elegance
  42. Nhá Chica of Baependi
  43. Rebuilding the House
  44. The Prayer That I Forgot
  45. Copacabana, Rio de Janeiro
  46. Living Your Own Legend
  47. The Man Who Followed His Dreams
  48. The Importance of the Cat in Meditation
  49. I Can’t Get In
  50. Statutes for the New Millennium
  51. Destroying and Rebuilding
  52. The Warrior and Faith
  53. In Miami Harbour
  54. Acting on Impulse
  55. Transitory Glory
  56. Charity Under Threat
  57. On Witches and Forgiveness
  58. On Rhythm and the Road
  59. Travelling Differently
  60. A Fairy Tale
  61. Brazil’s Greatest Writer
  62. The Meeting That Did Not Take Place
  63. The Smiling Couple (London, 1977)
  64. The Second Chance
  65. The Australian and the Newspaper Ad
  66. The Tears of the Desert
  67. Rome: Isabella Returns from Nepal
  68. The Art of the Sword
  69. In the Blue Mountains
  70. The Taste of Success
  71. The Tea Ceremony
  72. The Cloud and the Sand Dune
  73. Norma and the Good Things
  74. Jordan, the Dead Sea, 21 June 2003
  75. In San Diego Harbour, California
  76. The Art of Withdrawal
  77. In the Midst of War
  78. The Soldier in the Forest
  79. In a Town in Germany
  80. Meeting in the Dentsu Gallery
  81. Reflections on 11 September 2001
  82. God’s Signs
  83. Alone on the Road
  84. The Funny Thing About Human Beings
  85. An Around-the-World Trip After Death
  86. Who Would Like This Twenty-Dollar Bill?
  87. The Two Jewels
  88. Self-Deception
  89. The Art of Trying
  90. The Dangers Besetting the Spiritual Search
  91. My Father-in-law, Christiano Oiticica
  92. Thank You, President Bush
  93. The Intelligent Clerk
  94. The Third Passion
  95. The Catholic and the Muslim
  96. Evil Wants Good to Prevail
  97. The Law of Jante
  98. The Old Lady in Copacabana
  99. Remaining Open to Love
  100. Believing in the Impossible
  101. The Storm Approaches
  102. Some Final Prayers

Product Details

Below are the technical specifications of Like The Flowing River PDF:

  • Book Name : Like The Flowing River
  • Edition : 1st Edition | | ISBN : 0732286328
  • Author Name : Paulo Coelho
  • Format / Pages : PDF – 189 Pages

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