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Methods in Biotechnology PDF

As rapid advances in biotechnology occur, there is a need for a pedagogical tool to aid current students and laboratory professionals in biotechnological methods; Methods in Biotechnology is an invaluable resource for those students and professionals. In this blog post, you will be able to download free PDF e-book copy of Methods in Biotechnology PDF.

Methods in Biotechnology engages the reader by implementing an active learning approach, provided advanced study questions, as well as pre- and post-lab questions for each lab protocol. These self-directed study sections encourage the reader to not just perform experiments but to engage with the material on a higher level, utilizing critical thinking and troubleshooting skills.

This text is broken into three sections based on level – Methods in Biotechnology, Advanced Methods in Biotechnology I, and Advanced Methods in Biotechnology II. Each section contains 14-22 lab exercises, with instructor notes in appendices as well as an answer guide as a part of the book companion site. This text will be an excellent resource for both students and laboratory professionals in the biotechnology field.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents presented in Methods in Biotechnology PDF:

Part I: Methods in Biotechnology (MB) Laboratory Exercises

Chapter 1: MB experiment 1: Lab measurements
Chapter 2: MB experiment 2: Use of the spectrophotometer and Beer’s law
Chapter 3: MB experiment 3: Making solutions and buffer efficacy
Chapter 4: MB experiment 4: Acid–base titration
Chapter 5: MB experiment 5: Protein denaturation and precipitation
Chapter 6: MB experiment 6: Bacterial transformation
Chapter 7: MB experiment 7: GFP purification
Chapter 8: MB experiment 8: SDS-PAGE analysis
Chapter 9: MB experiment 9: DNA isolation
Chapter 10: MB experiment 10: PCR-based Alu-human DNA typing
Chapter 11: MB experiment 11: Restriction enzyme digestion
Chapter 12: MB experiment 12: Agarose gel electrophoresis
Chapter 13: MB experiment 13: Ouchterlony and ELISA immunoassays
Chapter 14: MB experiment 14: Testing plant substances for Antimicrobial activity
Chapter 15: MB experiment 15: Peroxidase enzyme activity assay

Part II: Advanced Methods in Biotechnology (AMB) 1 Laboratory Exercises

Chapter 16: AMB 1 experiment 16: Aseptic technique and culture handling
Chapter 17: AMB 1 experiment 17: Yeast culture media preparation
Chapter 18: AMB 1 experiment 18: Growth curve
Chapter 19: AMB 1 experiment 19: Mini plasmid prep
Chapter 20: AMB 1 experiment 20: Restriction digestion, purification,concentration, and quantification of DNA
Chapter 21: AMB 1 experiment 21: Polymerase chain reaction (PCR)
Chapter 22: AMB 1 experiment 22: TA, blunt end, SLIC, and CPEC
Chapter 23: AMB 1 experiment 23: One-step multifragment assembly Cloning
Chapter 24: AMB 1 experiment 24: Restriction enzyme digestion and fast agarose gel electrophoresis
Chapter 25: AMB 1 experiment 25: Southern blot transfer
Chapter 26: AMB 1 experiment 26: Probe labeling and purification
Chapter 27: AMB 1 experiment 27: Dot blot assay
Chapter 28: AMB 1 experiment 28: Pre-hybridization, hybridization, and detection
Chapter 29: AMB 1 experiment 29: Total yeast RNA isolation and RT
Chapter 30: AMB 1 experiment 30: Yeast-based in vivo recombination cloning
Chapter 31: AMB 1 experiment 31: Plasmid DNA isolation from yeast
Chapter 32: AMB 1 experiment 32: E. coli transformation with yeast plasmid DNA
Chapter 33: AMB 1 experiment 33: X-gal filter lift assay
Chapter 34: AMB 1 experiment 34: Protein quantitation assay
Chapter 35: AMB 1 experiment 35: Quantitative β-Galactosidase assay in yeast
Chapter 36: AMB 1 experiment 36: Gel filtration chromatography (GFC)
Chapter 37: AMB 1 experiment 37: Ion exchange chromatography (IEC)

Part III: Advanced Methods in Biotechnology (AMB) 2 Laboratory Exercises

Chapter 38: AMB 2 experiment 38: E. coli culture media preparation
Chapter 39: AMB 2 experiment 39: Site-directed mutagenesis
Chapter 40: AMB 2 experiment 40: Protein expression in E. coli
Chapter 41: AMB 2 experiment 41: Protein purification by affinity column chromatography
Chapter 42: AMB 2 experiment 42: SDS-PAGE analysis of affinity column fractions
Chapter 43: AMB 2 experiment 43: Western blot analysis of affinity
Chapter 44: AMB 2 experiment 44: Yeast media preparation and
phenotypic analysis of yeast strains
Chapter 45: AMB 2 experiment 45: Yeast transformation for yeast twohybrid (Y2H) assay and genome editing by CRISPR-Cas system
Chapter 46: AMB 2 experiment 46: Yeast mating-mediated Y2H assay and genomic PCR
Chapter 47: AMB 2 experiment 47: Yeast colony PCR screening and cycle DNA sequencing
Chapter 48: AMB 2 experiment 48: DNA sequencing electrophoresis
Chapter 49: AMB 2 experiment 49: RNA interference
Chapter 50: AMB 2 experiment 50: Protein preparation for 2D gel Electrophoresis
Chapter 51: AMB 2 experiment 51: Two-dimensional gel electrophoresis

Product Details

Below are the technical specifications of Methods in Biotechnology PDF.

  • Book Name : Methods in Biotechnology
  • Edition : 1st Edition | | ISBN : 1119156785
  • Author Name : Seung-Beom Hong; M Bazlur Rashid; Lory Z Santiago-Vázquez;
  • Category : Medical
  • Format / Pages : PDF – 360 Pages

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