The Body in Motion: Its Evolution and Design 1st Edition PDF Free Download [Direct Link]

The Body in Motion: Its Evolution and Design PDF

In The Body in Motion, author Theodore Dimon confronts a simple yet crucial task: to make sense of our amazing design. This comprehensive guide demonstrates the functions and evolution of specific body systems, explaining how they cooperate to form an upright, intelligent, tool-making marvel, capable of great technological and artistic achievement. Enhanced with 162 beautifully rendered full-color illustrations, the book opens with an introduction to the origins of movement, leading the reader on a journey through time and evolution—from fish to amphibian, quadruped to primate—showing how humans became the preeminent moving beings on the planet. In this blog post, you will be able to download free PDF e-book copy of The Body in Motion: Its Evolution and Design PDF.

Delving deeper into our upright support system, The Body in Motion clearly describes the workings of the hands and upper limbs; the pelvic girdle; the feet and lower limbs; breathing; the larynx and throat musculature; and more. Central to the book is the idea that it is our upright posture that makes it possible for us to move in an infinite variety of ways, to manipulate objects, to form speech, and to perform the complex rotational movements that underlie many of our most sophisticated skills. These systems, Dimon argues persuasively, have helped us build, invent, create art, explore the world, and imbue life with a contemplative, spiritual dimension that would otherwise not exist.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents presented in The Body in Motion: Its Evolution and Design PDF:

1. The Origins of Movement

  • Bones, Muscles, and Movement
  • The Head and Its Central Role in Movement
  • Four-Footed Animals and the Role of Posture in Movement
  • Our Upright Design
  • Upright Posture and the Evolution of Intelligence

2. Upright Support—Part I: The Extensors

  • The Extensors
  • Stretch Reflexes
  • The Head and Spine
  • Head Balance

3. Upright Support—Part II: The Flexors

  • Flexors and Our Basic Body Design
  • The Suspensory Function of the Flexors
  • Front Length and Head Balance

4. Upright Support—Part III: The Spine

  • The Central Column
  • Origins of the Human Spine
  • Upright Posture and the Spinal Curves
  • The Spine as Lengthening Device

5. The Shoulder Girdle

  • The Mobile Cross-Piece
  • The Yard-Arm
  • From Fins to Limbs
  • The Floating Shoulder Girdle

6. The Upper Limb

  • The Basic Limb Pattern
  • Modes of Positioning the Hand
  • The Rotation Mechanism of the Forearm
  • The Hand
  • The Opposable Thumb
  • The Relation of the Upper Limb to the Shoulder and Trunk

7. The Pelvic Girdle

  • The Design of the Pelvis
  • The Upright Compromise
  • The Arch Design of the Pelvis
  • The Pelvis in Relation to Lengthening in Stature

8. The Lower Limb

  • The Weight-Bearing Limb
  • The Ankle Joint
  • The Foot Joints
  • The Arched Foot
  • The Toes
  • Length in the Legs
  • Our Two-Footed Poise

9. Breathing

  • Why and How We Breathe
  • The Anatomy of Breathing
  • The Suspensory Support of the Trunk
  • Widening the Back
  • Breathing and Our Upright Design

10. The Voice

  • How We Produce Sound
  • Closure of the Vocal Folds
  • The Suspensory Muscles of the Larynx
  • The Larynx and the Breath
  • The Larynx and the Brain

11. The Suspensory Muscles of the Throat

  • The Suspended Throat
  • Depressing the Larynx
  • The Throat and Upright Poise
  • The “Open Throat”
  • The Jaw
  • Head Balance Revised

12. The Spiral Musculature

  • Rotational Movement and Our Upright Design
  • The Evolution of Spiral Muscles
  • Rotational Movement and the Use of the Arms
  • Anatomy of the Spiral Musculature
  • Postural Twists
  • The Suspended Trunk: Our Fishy Ancestry
  • Our Double-Helix Architecture
  • Lengthening into the Spirals

13. The Miracle of the Human Form

  • Our Upright Suspension System
  • Our Unique Design Features
  • Our Higher-Order Design

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Product Details

Below are the technical specifications of The Body in Motion: Its Evolution and Design PDF.

  • Edition 1st Edition
  • ISBN 1556439709
  • Format PDF
  • Page Count 128 Pages
  • Author Theodore Dimon, G David Brown

The Body in Motion: Its Evolution and Design PDF Free Download

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