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Lies My Doctor Told Me PDF

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Has your doctor lied to you?

Chances are he has, and most likely unknowingly. If you’ve been misled by bad medical advice your health will suffer. It is time you discover the truth. Medical research is expanding so quickly that only the most dedicated doctors can keep up with it all. Is your doctor that dedicated?

Lies My Doctor Told Me reveals the truth behind the lies told by well-meaning doctors. Whether it’s recommending a low-fat diet, or warning you to avoid the sun, these medical lies can cause really harm to your health.

Does your doctor still recommend that you avoid cholesterol and eat lots of whole-grains? What about a paleo diet or ketogenic diet, have they been mentioned in an office visit? So much of the nutrition and lifestyle advice doctors give is just plain wrong, and that can be dangerous. This book will help you sort through the medical myths and the outright lies, and begin to develop a health partnership with your doctor.

Features of Lies My Doctor Told Me PDF

Here are important features of this book:

  • the truth about whole wheat’s effect on the human body
  • whether milk is good for you
  • the facts about fat intake on your heart health
  • how the Food Pyramid came into existence
  • the dangers and benefits of hormone therapy
  • the truth about salt
  • how doctors think about prevention and nutrition
  • much more

Order LIES MY DOCTOR TOLD ME today, as your first step towards a better diet, better health, and a better relationship with your doctor.

Ken D. Berry MD (Author)

Lies My Doctor Told Me PDF

Ken D Berry, MD is a Family Physician, Speaker and Author based near Nashville, Tennessee, U.S.

Ken was born in Linden, Tennessee, and grew up in the very small Southern town of Hohenwald, Tennessee.

He received a Bachelor of Science degree, with honors, in Animal Biology and Psychology, from Middle Tennessee State University, in Murfreesboro, Tennessee, in 1996.

He received his MD from the University of Tennessee Health Science Center, in Memphis, Tennessee, in 2000.

Ken has been practicing Family Medicine in rural Tennessee for over a decade. He is board certified in Family Medicine, and has been awarded the degree of Fellow, by the American Academy of Family Physicians.

Having seen over 20,000 patients during his career of all ages, he is uniquely qualified to write on both acute and chronic diseases. More and more, Dr. Berry has focused on the chronic diseases caused by the Standard American Diet and Lifestyle, and has made it his mission to turn the tide on the epidemic of Type 2 Diabetes, chronic inflammation and dementia.

Ken has four children, 3 dogs, 2 cats and 7 peacocks. He, and his beautiful wife Neisha, live on their farm in Holladay, TN.

Table of Contents

Below is the complete table of contents offered inside Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health PDF:

  1. Trust in God, Not Your Doctor
  2. So What’s Going on Here?
  3. The Skinny On Fat
  4. Your Bones Deserve Better
  5. Is Cholesterol Really Your Enemy?
  6. Wheat is Not All it is Cracked Up to Be
  7. Turn that Pyramid Upside Down
  8. It is Great But Won’t Help Much With Weight Loss
  9. Nuts and Seeds Don’t Cause This Problem
  10. Will This Give Men Prostate Cancer?
  11. There is More to Women Than Estrogen
  12. Viruses Laugh at Antibiotics
  13. Salt of the Earth
  14. All Calories are Not Created Equal
  15. Does Too Much Calcium Cause Kidney Stones?
  16. Your TSH is Normal So Your Thyroid is Fine
  17. If you Don’t Have Rickets Then Your Vitamin D is Normal
  18. Breast Milk Doesn’t Contain Everything a Newborn Needs?
  19. God Made the Sun and God Made You
  20. Little White Lies
  21. Do As I Say And Do As I Do

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Product Details

Below are the technical specifications of Lies My Doctor Told Me PDF:

  • Book Name : Lies My Doctor Told Me: Medical Myths That Can Harm Your Health
  • Edition : 1st Edition | | ASIN : B077H3RPLV 
  • Author Name : Ken D. Berry MD
  • Category : Medical
  • Format / Pages : PDF – 136 Pages

Lies My Doctor Told Me PDF Free Download

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Lies My Doctor Told Me PDF


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